Reliable security of mobility and economic performance

For over 100 years, REIME NORIS precision threading tools have been an integral part of highly productive machining solutions in the automotive and transportation industries. The daily production of a wide range of components, e.g. for container ships, freight and passenger railways, trucks, cars and their infrastructure, focuses on costs and productivity.
For high efficiency and productivity, REIME NORIS offers an extensive program for the production of all common thread types.

150,000 tons

Daily requirements for transport and logistics services must be fulfilled

The demands placed on transport and logistics services are increasing every day. Whether it’s manufacturing the crankshaft for a 150,000 tons container ship or holding the wagons of a 360 km/h fast ICE – scaling faster, further, higher is a daily component for highly productive and safe thread technology solutions.
We understand the responsibilities and requirements for mechanical excellence in this industry segment and keep our promises.