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The history of REIME NORIS GmbH

Quality, innovation and precision for more than 100 years

Ernst Reime started the mechanical production of precision tools on 19 September 1915. Our founder committed to constant innovation and high precision from the very outset to sustain the competitiveness and therefore the success of the company for the long term. And the same holds true today.

Ernst Reime's developments quickly enjoyed global success under the trademark NORIS. In 1936 the company's founder astonished the trade world at the Leipzig Fair with non-grooved thread taps - the NORIS-INNENSPAN and the NORIS-STABIL taps. A short time later they were followed by the NORIS-SPANLOS. It is worth mentioning that these innovations are still a firm part of the NORIS product range today as a result of their technical perfection and the high demand that they created.

Other historical highlights include the development of the NORIS-TOP-SPEED, a tap for cutting speeds of up to 100 m/min and the NORIS-SALO-REX UNI, the first blind hole tap to be capable of cutting a wide range of materials with equally good results.

The company has also demonstrated its abilities in the ever more popular segment of thread milling. The NORIS UNIversal solid carbide thread mill can produce a core hole, safety countersink and thread in short or long chip materials in a single operation.

Today we see it as our duty to continue the inheritance of Ernst Reime on a responsible basis. In doing so we remember the strengths that have set the company apart from its competitors for more than 100 years - quality, innovation and precision.

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